Bath And Prayer On Lizard Falling: Myth And Science!

There are several superstitions in Hindu religion, bathing and praying on lizard falling is one of them. According to Indian myths, if a lizard falls on your shoulder, head or on any other part of your body, you must bath and pray to god because you are now cursed and to resist it, you have to clean your body. Although it’s a myth but the science also agrees to the solution. Why? Here is the reason:

There are some creatures on earth, which have uric acid inside their body and lizard is one of them. To prevent themselves, these creatures gather that uric acid around them. When a lizard falls on a human, it leaves some amount of poison on that part, which further can lead to various types of skin diseases.

So to prevent yourself from those skin diseases, it is important to wash up. After reading this, a question arise that showering is Okay but why pray? Well, there is also some scientific reason behind that!

The sacrament contains some herbs that keeps us safe from bacteria and poison that is released by the lizard. Apart from that, there are several kinds so benefits of bathing and praying after lizard falling. That is reason why science also prefers bath and prayer.  


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