E-Cigarettes: The Next Big Poison!

It seems that E-Cigarettes are rise in popularity despite health reports! The fast spreading cigarettes downfall the efforts of anti-smoking of the three decades! The latest reports are dangerously proving that numbers of people being poisoned by e-cigarettes has gone up in the last few years.      

The number of calls that poison centres of US have received have risen from one to 215 per month. The numbers of call per month are showing that the newest kind of cigarette did not enhance in the same manner. Not only the elders but the children under five are calling the poision centres. The poison in the cigarette is liquid nicotine that is used in the device, which can be hazardous for children.

Electronic cigarette is generally a battery powered device that replicates smoking. The cigarettes come in various candy and fruit flavors that attract most of the children. World Health Organization has previously recommended that users should not use this cigarette as it does help to quit smoking.

According to director if CDC’s office, the use of this kind of cigarettes is growing fast and its poisoning fast is also enhancing rapidly.

The recent study of several health experts includes ban on electronic cigarette.  



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