Bangalore Rape Case: School Chairman Arrested


Vibgyor High School’s chairman Rustom Kerrawala was arrested by Police Tuesday night. Police Commissioner has given the news the day after the case of rape came into light. School chairman Rustom Kerrawala is arrested under under Section 201 of IPC, Section 23 of Juvenile Justice Act and POSCO Act. The news is given by Police Commissioner MN Reddi.      

Tuesday, Commissioner visited the school and had a meeting with parents. He also discussed with them about children’s safety.

On July 2, six year girl was raped by a skating instructor and a staff member of the school. The school is closed since 17 after the protest of parents. The parents are against the school for not taking legal actions against the accused.

After the incident, the school is strictly directed to not to allow the outsiders to use the swimming pool. Reddi said “School has to be serious on the matter. They have to keep full records of all the people linked to schoo. The detail of security guards and drivers should be in a proper format. With that, they must train the non-teaching staff on dealing with wards to ensure their safety and security”.

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