MH 17 crash: Dutch father Writes Letter to Putin alleged killing His Child

MH 17 crash was really heart-breaking. Several innocent people were died. A bereaved Dutch father wrote a sorrowful letter to Russian President Putin. The man has written “Thank you very much Mr (Russian President Vladimir) Putin, separatist leaders or the Ukrainian government, for murdering my dear and only child”.

In the crash 298 passengers were died, in which 193 were Dutch. The man further wrote “Suddenly she's gone. Shot out of the sky in a foreign war-torn country”.

The air plane crash has been extensively blamed on a rocket that was fired by separatists supposedly supplied by the country Russia, but Moscow said that for the incident Ukraine government is responsible.

“I hope that you're proud to have destroyed her young life and that you can look at yourself in the mirror” the man further wrote.

The dead bodies are yet to be returned from the accident spot and people of Netherlands are showing their anger towards the Russian Government.    


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