Cases against MPs Will be Dispose Soon: PM

To make India a corruption free country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said the he will ask Judiciary to consider the pending cases against MPs. PM will ask to work on these cases within a year.

While speaking for the first time in upper house, Modi says "Lots of people around the nation thinks that Parliament has several leaders, which are from criminal background. We have to get rid of this dishonour. For that, we will demand the Supreme Court to speed up the pending cases against the MPs decide them within a year".

While talking about corruption, he says “The MPs who are culpable will be sent to jail and those who are guiltless can move with all respect and clutch their head high”.

"We usually see several of them are fatalities of such insight. We have to start from here. The law should prevail and no guilty should be spared. They should be punished," he added.

Last modified on Monday, 21 Jul 2014 11:46:1021/07/2014
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