Indian PM’s Flight was on the Route where MH 17 shot down

The whole word is shocked after tragic accident that took place recently. A Malaysia Airlines plane is shot Down over Ukraine. Shocking news that is coming after the incident is that Indian Prime Minister Modi’s plane was on the similar flight route as the MH17 Boeing 777.

A recent report in a top Indian English daily stated that after the incident, the route of Prime Minister’s plane was rerouted. The Malaysian airlines plane is crashed at Torez, which is near to Shakhtersk and about 40 kilometres from the Russian border in Ukraine. According to the reports, the plane was hit by a missile. The incident has taken place at 13:20 hrs GMT.

The recent reports are also indicting that Modi’s plane would have flown over the same area about an hour later had it continued on the same flight path, as the flight had taken off from Frankfurt at 11:22 GMT.

Before the incident, Ukraine had stated the skies over that eastern part of the nation as no-fly region. The region has been a battlefield for pro-Russia rebels and state forces for the past few months.

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