Bobby Jasoos movie review: Vidya Balan Saves Week Script

Vidya is so called fourth Khan of Bollywood. In several movies, she has made a week script a treat for viewers. Since the trailers of Bobby Jasoos, Vidya has surprise everyone and make people keen on knowing that what type of versatility she will offer to her fans.


Bobby (Vidya) is a curious girl, who lives in a hustle-bustle street of Hyderabad. She loves to untangle the truth. Bobby has a dream to be a full time detective and start her own agency. Obviously, her family is against her wish and don’t want her to follow her dream. Her dream takes a sudden twist when Khan (Kiran Kumar) gives a very serious case to her. According to the case, she has to find some of the girls, who have gone missing. While solving the case, she gets trapped in a very serious situation.

What’s Good?

Bobby Jasoos is completely a Vidya Balan’s film. It seems that Bobby’s character is written by keeping her in mind. In fact, there are several situations in the film, where it seems that she is playing the character without any script. She single handle manages all the situations. Vidya has played Bobby very seriously and sincerely. The way she switches her character is remarkable. Apart from her, other characters are good too. It’s a film, which gives a trip to Hyderabad.

What Bad?

Although, there are several things that film offers, but still storyline lacks in various situations. Several things are shown very early, which decreases the curiosity to watch the entire film. Apart from that, love angle between Vidya and Ali stays at break after a romantic song.


It’s a film of Vidya Balan. If you are big fan of her, you should surely watch this.

Ratings: 3 Out of 5.                 


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