Hate Story 2 Review: An Erotic Vengeance story

The film was talk of the town since the first day when the trailer was released. The first look of the film had got approximately 4 million views within the 4 days of its release. Today, the film has released and Hate Story 2 is a watchable revenge saga, which stay entertaining throughout the film.


The tale is about a lady Sonika (Surveen), who is in control of a goon politician Mandar (Sushant Singh). The baddy has full control on her body and mind. Everything goes upside down for all the people, when Sonika falls in love with her classmate named Akshay (Jay). When the politico Mandar gets to know about the love, he killed Akshay and buried alive Sonika. Somehow Sonika managed to escape and decide to take revenge from her boyfriend’s killer.

What’s good

Surveen Chawla is the main highlight of the film. As a sex siren, she has made a very strong impact in BOllywood with her debut film. She has stolen the show from others. Jay Bhanushali doesn’t have a lot of to do with his character, but he has justified what he was given. On the other side, Sushant Singh is pretty convincing as an atrocious politician.

What’s Bad

The second half is stretched too much. The unnecessary songs and scenes are spoiling the thrill.


It is a complete revenge saga that can be watched.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.


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