Lekar Hum Deewana Dil movie review: Corny but Loveable

Bollywood is following the concept of a boy and girl fall in love and get married from so many years. There are numerous movies that are based on such topics. Imtiaz Ali came up with some tweets in the same genre and made some htke movies like Jab We Met. After getting some clues from brother, Arif Ali is here to present his Lekar Hum Deewana Dil.

Here, Arif has added some soulful flavours of harsh reality. Where lots of movies show a guy and a girl fall in love, get married and start spending their lives, Arif has come with different story. In his film, the story starts from where most of the bollywood stories end. He has shown that what happened after marriage!


Karishma and Dinoo are two close buddies. In a group of friends, they are always together, but always hesitate to accept that they love each other like Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na. Later on, when Karishma’’s father decide his daughter to get married, Dinoo helps her by eloping. While all this hustle-bustle, they come to know that they are perfect for each other. Sooner, they get married. It’s not the end! Story takes twist. They realize that empty pocket doesn’t support love. The rest story tells the harsh reality of life.

What’s Good?

The first half of the film is same old romantic movies, but the second half is really surprising and twisty. The great direction and acting add extra spark in the story. There is lots of melodrama in the second half but the reality of the story makes it a good entertainment. Deeksha Seth is loveable in the movie. She memorises us Deepika in her initial days. Armaan has shown that acting is in his blood. He will impress you many times in the film.

What’s Bad?          

Obviously the first half! It is filled with loud, over the top scenes, which look irritating. Apart from that, there is an overdose of unnecessary music.


Second half of the movie makes it a worth watching. Although, there are some gaps, but it is a good entertainment in weekend.

Rating: 3 Out of 5.   


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