Pizza 3D Movie Review: Not Scary

Pizza 3D had some of the brilliants new comers of Bollywood along with a good idea, but it seems that makers fail to use all the resources in great manner. From the start, the movie seems a half baked storyline, which has nothing haunted to deliver. If it would be a mystery movie, then there would be chances of getting some good points but as a horror movie, there is nothing scary.


The movie starts with a pizza delivery boy Akshay Oberoi, who is a very usual life. He deals with several problems in his day to day life, but all in all he is a common man. His life goes upside down, when he goes to deliver pizza to a mysterious house. From the first glance, the house seems strange, which has several secrets in it.

What’s Good

Although, the movie has several negative points, but still some parts of the first half are worth watching. There are some scenes that manage to bind the viewers with their seats.

What’s Bad

First ten minutes and second half of the movie has nothing to deliver. Apart from that, the climax of the story disappoints.


The movie has nothing entertaining. You can go to watch the movie, if you have nothing to do.

Ratings: 2 out of 5 stars.

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