Magnetic Hill Leh-Ladakh: Attracts Tourists in Droves

The signboard just before the Magnetic Hill of Leh-Ladakh is the thing that invites every tourist to be a part of and experience this mystifying phenomenon first hand. It’s written ‘The movement must have been due to the downhill descent and it was just following the rules of gravity.’

Due to the anti-gravity phenomenon, the vehicles move up the hill automatically. The amazing phenomenon is observed even when the engine is turned off. Instances of vehicles gathering speed of 20 km per hour have also been observed.

The people near to the place believe that the phenomenon happens because of the magnetic properties of the hill.

How to Go

You can travel in any of your vehicle.

When to Go  

The best season to travel Srinagar-Leh highway is between June and October. Rest of the year, the area remains snowbound and inaccessible.

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