Malshej: Paradise for Nature Lovers


One of the most popular monsoon destinations, Malshej is located in the Western Ghats range in Thane. It is a perfect paradise spot for the adventure seekers. The perfect time to visit this place is in monsoon. The place contains innumerable waterfalls, mountains, sheer cliffs, forts and forests, which are the real beauties and magnificence of Malshej.

Trudging to the hill forts such as Harishchandragad Fort are a few of the activities for the visitors of Malshej. Apart from that, rock climbing, waterfall rappelling, rappelling and photography are some of other great activities to do there.

Another thing to see is Shivneri Fort, which is birth place of Shivaji. Apart from that, there are several unique Buddhist caverns on the hill, which are of 3rd century.  


As the place is located in hills, so there are not many high-class restaurants and shopping malls, but there is a guesthouse and some resorts that offer well-mannered accommodation.

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