Shimla Summer Hill: Truly a Magnificent Aura

Situated at an altitude more than 1283 meters, on Kalka-Shimla rail line, the very famous Shimla Summer Hill is an enormously stunning place. The location of summer hill is bordered by tranquil and calm hills that give it a wonderful aura. The entire hill has been connected with Mahatma Gandhi, while his vacation to Shimla city. The famous Indian leader was used to live here, at the Georgian House of Raj Kumari Amrit Kaur, which stands adorned with beautiful architecture. The very-famous Himachal Pradesh University is also situated at the Summer Hill only.

How To Reach

There are two ways to reach Shimla summer hills: One is by road and the other is through train. Kalka-Shimla railways line is best known for locations that are located on the way. Thousands of tourists visit the natural park of Summer Hill every year. People can also have a joyful ride on the horses' back, through the dense forest region of cedar and oak.

What to See

Part of the seven-hill cluster which forms Shimla.

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